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Blue Ball Tutors 10/12/2022

How to Help Your Child Achieve Academic Success?

Assignments should be prioritized: 

At Blueball Tutor, the assessments are just as important, if not more so than tests and exams. This is because they inform you about what your child is learning at school, the teaching method, and whether or not your child is truly learning. For example, if your child brings home additional homework and is unable to complete it on their own, you suspect something is wrong. Instead of waiting for tests and exams, assess your child as often as possible. Your child can take daily assessments in their core subjects with a Gradely subscription, and you can track their progress.

Also, some parents believe that it is acceptable to delay intensifying their child's reading habits until exams are very close. On the contrary, this can result in anxiety, exam fever, and ineffective exam preparation. However, if everything is done correctly, by the time exams arrive, your child should have made studying a habit. This means that they will prepare without increasing pressure or constant reminders that the exams are approaching. Waiting for exams to start is like overloading a machine. They are unable to process all of the data at once.

Spend time learning about their learning style and mind-set. This will assist you in determining which resources would be most beneficial for them to use while studying. The goal is not to force them to study, but to help them fall so deeply in love with learning that they fall in love with studying as well. You should provide more graphical illustrations and videos to help them learn if they are visual learners. For kinaesthetic learners, practical and outdoor experiments work best. It is not always necessary to bury one's head in books when studying, especially if it is ineffective.

Take note of minor accomplishments.

When children are praised for their actions, they are more likely to repeat them. As a parent, you can take advantage of this. Make a note of anything unusual that your child does and express your exam appreciation. They may receive applause or a simple "good job" when they work with other children.

Create a strong home support system for them:

Remember, first and foremost, that you are their primary source of support. It is critical that your child sees you attempting to help them improve. Be present, ask questions, study with them, become friends with their schoolteacher, and don't assume they know everything.

Draw attention to the good social skills of others.

When you see someone with good social skills, compliment and appreciate them. This may even spark discussions, allowing you to shed more light on the subject at hand. Do you recall the first exercise we did? The goal here is to remind you that adults do not naturally develop exceptional social skills; some processes must be implemented at a young age. Start yours right away.

You will not be surprised by the progress. It takes careful planning and taking the right steps at the right time. Gradely is concerned with your child's overall development. Click here to schedule an immediate free academic counselling session with us!