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Blue Ball Tutors 28/11/2022

Online Learning- Interactive Education in the New Normal

Your child's future is important, and what they learn at a young age has a big impact on their lives. The school where they learn can shape them and have a significant impact on who they become as people, so choosing the right online schools for your child should be prioritized accordingly.

As the number of Covid-19 cases in India has increased, educational institutions have discovered a new norm in online classes. Many schools are turning to platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others to ensure consistency in the learning process. While teachers do their best to ensure that children learn from these classes, many parents complain that their child's interest is waning as a result of monotonous teaching methods. Parents believe that because classes are not held on a regular basis, their children are being pushed away from a proper study routine. A journey that began with children being ecstatic to see their classmates and teachers on screen has now become a routine for many.

The switchover to online education has clearly had a cost. There is no way to assess children's knowledge comprehensively while teachers struggle to adapt to the new normal. Even if there are, many people believe they are ineffective. As a result, there is a pressing need to alter teaching practices and adapt them to the current digital era. Even more important is the need to make education interesting for children while also regularly testing their knowledge. It is critical to keep the learning-teaching cycle going.

Testing, when done correctly, can be an effective way for children to learn, according to cognitive science and psychology research. Tests result in better fact recall and a deeper understanding than non-exam education. A consistent method of assessment, on the other hand, may cause children to reject the concept of learning. As a result, students may only remember material for test and examination purposes. This is a growing concern among parents and educators, particularly as traditional tests and examinations become obsolete due to the ongoing pandemic.

According to teaching experts at BlueballTutor.com, incorporating games and quizzes into the curriculum could be a comprehensive solution to the problem. Interactive teaching has been shown to be more effective than traditional tests and examinations. According to a study conducted by the School of Business and Economics, quizzes can help children learn more quickly. Because quizzing breaks up the monotony of exams, education becomes more enjoyable and interactive. Since the introduction of e-learning platforms, quizzes have become an instant testing activity online. Children no longer have to wait for results that have been manually checked. As a result, knowledge gaps are quickly identified and addressed. As a side benefit, even incorrect answers motivate students to revise and learn better! Furthermore, stress is frequently caused by regular stress and examinations. Quizzing makes learning more enjoyable while also putting the child's knowledge to the test!

Aside from quizzes, there are several other methods for making learning fun for children. For example, origami, mnemonics for learning, storytelling, and so on. To adapt to the "new normal" and shape young minds for a better, brighter future, educators must change their teaching methods and techniques.

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