About Blue Ball Tutor

Welcome to the platform with best online tuition classes in india

BlueBall tutor is a dedicated online platform where students across the globe participate in an effective educational program. We disseminate knowledge and information to distant learners or students in web-enhanced classes.

We offer academic and non-academic courses spanning a diversified curriculum for Maths as well as Logical Reasoning. We also aim to diminish the gap between different nations, cities, and cultures by uniting everyone (hailing from distinctive parts of the world) on one platform.

With each passing day, we make consistent efforts to provide new-age study material, well-curated by efficient and experienced teachers. Choose the best tutor for you by connecting instantly from any device.

BlueBall tutor is a secured place to learn digitally Come let's explore us more!

Our mission

To assist students in acquiring the necessary knowledge and learning strategies for the pursuit of their academic or career goals. To assist teachers in developing new instructional skills that are critical to their professional growth and development.

Our Vision

BlueBall Tutor is motivated by a strong desire to spread the wings of knowledge to every nook and cranny of the globe while also supporting students' studies.

How are BlueBall Tutors different?

  •   use different visual tools and storytelling methods to make Maths concepts easy for students.
  •   We love answering the doubts of students. The more questions you ask, the better you understand. So, throw as many questions as you have. We are here to offer a solution.
  •   We believe in individualised attention to students. Different students have different learning pace. So, we offer individualised attention to each student.
  •   We offer online Maths and Logical reasoning tuitions to students all across the globe.
  •   Parents receive continuous feedback on their child's performance.

What Inspired Us to Start BlueBall Tutor?

Our founders had a strong urge to initiate a platform common for all students & teachers, where they can establish a contact online and give their educational worries a rest.